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51 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Infant Adams
52 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Infant Adams
53 US & International Marriage Records
Name: Nicholas Rockwood
Gender: Male
Birth Place: En
Birth Year: 1628
Spouse Name: Jane Adams
Year: 1648
Number Pages: 1
Jane Adams
54 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Jay Adams
55 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Jayno W. Adams
56 Audrey Maxine Ellis' Half 5th Cousin 4 x Removed John Adams
57 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 2nd Cousin 7 x Removed Jonathan Adams
58 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 2nd Cousin 7 x Removed Jonathan Adams
59 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 2nd Cousin 7 x Removed Lydia Adams
60 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 2nd Cousin 7 x Removed Mary Adams
61 Audrey Maxine Ellis' Half 5th Cousin 4 x Removed Matilda Adams
62 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Mittie Adams
63 Audrey Maxine Ellis' Half 7th Cousin 2 x Removed Amanda Additon
64 Audrey Maxine Ellis' Half 7th Cousin 2 x Removed Eliza Additon
65 Audrey Maxine Ellis' Half 7th Cousin 2 x Removed Isaiah Beal Additon
66 Audrey Maxine Ellis' Half 7th Cousin 2 x Removed Loring J. Additon
67 Audrey Maxine Ellis' Half 7th Cousin 2 x Removed Louisa Additon
68 Audrey Maxine Ellis' Half 7th Cousin 2 x Removed Thomas Jefferson Additon
69 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 193rd Great Grandmother

Aditi (Sanskrit ????? (limitless), from "a" (alpha privative) + "diti" (bound), which is from the Proto Indo-European root "da" (to bind)). In the Vedas Aditi is a sky goddess and mother of the gods (devamatri) from whose cosmic matrix the heavenly bodies were born. As celestial mother of every existing form and being, the synthesis of all things, she is associated with space (akasa) and with mystic speech (Vac). She may be seen as a feminized form of Brahma and associated with the primal substance (mulaprakriti) in Vedanta. She is mentioned nearly 80 times in the Rigveda: the verse "Daksha sprang from Aditi and Aditi from Daksha" is seen by Theosophists as a reference to "the eternal cyclic re-birth of the same divine Essence"[1] and divine wisdom.[2] In contrast, the puranas, such as the shiva purana and the bhagavata purana, suggest that Aditi is wife of sage[disambiguation needed] Kashyap and gave birth to the adityas such as Indra, Surya, and also vamana.


The name is mentioned in Vedas as mother of Surya (Sun) and other celestial bodies Adityas (meaning sons of Aditi).

The first written mention of goddess Aditi is found in Rigveda, which is estimated to have been composed roughly during 1700-1100 BC.[3]



Aditi is said to be the mother of the great god Indra, the mother of kings (Mandala 2.27) and the mother of gods (Mandala 1.113.19). In the Vedas, Aditi is Devamatri (mother of the celestial gods) as from and in her cosmic matrix all the heavenly bodies were born. She is preeminently the mother of 12 Adityas whose names include Vivasvan, Aryama, Pu?a, Tva??a, Savita, Bhaga, Dhata, Vidhata, Varu?a, Mitra, Satru, and Urukrama (Vishnu was born as Urukrama, the son of Nabhi and Meru.)[4] She is also is the mother of the Vamana avatar of Vishnu. Accordingly, Vishnu was born as the son of Aditi in the month of Shravana (fifth month of the Hindu Calendar, also called Avani) under the star Shravana. Many auspicious signs appeared in the heavens, foretelling the good fortune of this child.

In the Rigveda, Aditi is one of most important figures of all. As a mothering presence, Aditi is often asked to guard the one who petitions her (Mandala 1.106.7; Mandala 8.18.6) or to provide him or her with wealth, safety, and abundance (Mandala 10.100; 1.94.15).

Aditi is sometimes associated with or identified as a cow. As such she provides nourishment and as the cosmic cow, her milk is identified with the redemptive, invigorating drink Soma (Mandala 1.153.3). As the womb of space she is a feminized form of Brahma. The line in the Rigveda, "Daksha sprang from Aditi and Aditi from Daksha" (Mandala 10.72.4) has reference to "the eternal cyclic re-birth of the same divine essence". Aditi is also called widely expanded (Mandala 5.46.6) and extensive, the mistress of wide stalls (Mandala 8.67.12).


Aditi is usually mentioned in the Rigveda along with other gods and goddesses. There is no one hymn addressed exclusively to her, unlike other Vedic gods. She is perhaps not related to a particular natural phenomenon like other gods. Compared to Usha and Prithvi, Aditi can be defined as the cosmic creatrix, the creativity of the all-creating.


The name Aditi includes the root "da" (to bind or fetter) and suggests another attribute of her character. As A-diti, she is un-bound, free one, and it is evident in the hymns to her that she is often called to free the petitioner from different hindrances, especially sin and sickness. (Mandala 2.27.14). In one hymn, she is asked to free a petitioner who has been tied up like a thief (Mandala 8.67.14). As one who unbinds, her role is similar to her son Varuna's as guardian of Rta, cosmic moral order. She is called the supporter of creatures (Mandala 1.136).


Aditi challenges the modern idea that the Vedic peoples were patriarchal. Aditi was regarded as both the sky goddess, and earth goddess, which is very rare for a prehistoric civilization. Most prehistoric civilizations venerated a dual principle, Sky Father and Earth Mother, which appears to be borrowed from the concept of Prithivi and Dyaus Pita. Aditi was attributed the status of first deity by the Vedic culture, although she is not the only one attributed this status in the Vedas. She is addressed, in the Rigveda as "Mighty".[citation needed]

Popular Culture

"Aditi" hasn't always been a very popular name. However it has, of late, grown in popularity partly owing to its use in Bollywood movies such as 'Monsoon Wedding' and 'Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na' the latter of which also features the song "Kabhi Kabhi Aditi...". It is also the third most popular girl name for Indians in the USA.[5]

Correspondence in Greek and Egyptian Mythology

Aditi has correspondences in many ancient mythology: the highest Sephirah in the Zohar; the Gnostic Sophia-Achamoth; Rhea, mother of the Greek Olympians; Bythos or the great Deep; Amba; Surarani; Chaos; Waters of Space; Primordial Light; and the source of the Egyptian seven heavens. Sometimes she is linked with the Greek Gaia, goddess of earth, to denote dual nature or the mother of both the spiritual and physical: Aditi, cosmic expanse or space being the mother of all things; and Gaia, mother of earth and, on the larger scale, of all objective nature (cf SD 2:65, 269).[2]


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3.^ Oberlies (1998:155) gives an estimate of 1100 BC for the youngest hymns in book 10. Estimates for a terminus post quem of the earliest hymns are more uncertain. Oberlies (p. 158) based on 'cumulative evidence' sets wide range of 1700-1100
4.^ "Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 6 Chapter 6 Verses 38-39". Vedabase.net. Retrieved 2012-08-13.
5.^ "Most Popular Indian Baby Names | Bloggermoms:". Retrieved 8 October 2011.

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70 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 194th Great Grandmother Aditi
71 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 51st Great Grandfather

Lucius Fundanius Lamia Aelianus (ca 83 - 132/136) was a consul in 116 and a proconsul in 131-132.

He was the son of Lucius Fundanius (b. ca 55) and wife Plautia (b. ca 65/ca 70), paternal grandson of Lucius Fundanius (b. ca 25), and great-grandson of Fundanius (b. ca 5 BC). Fundanius' daughter Fundania (b. ca 20) married Galerius (b. ca 15), a Praetor, son of Gaius Galerius (ca 15 BC - aft. 23), Praefectus Aeg. in 23, and had Galeria Fundana, second wife of Vitellius. His maternal grandparents were Lucius Aelius Plautius Lamia Aelianus and wife Domitia Longina. He married Annia (b. ca 93), daughter of Marcus Annius Verus and wife Rupilia Faustina, and had Lucius Plautius Lamia Silvanus.(This is probably wrong!)

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Lucius Fundanius Lamia Aelanus
72 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 53rd Great Grandmother Aelia
73 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 45th Great Grandfather Aegidius Afranius
74 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 39th Great Grandmother Agilofinginne of the Agilofing
75 Consul; (her 2nd husband)
Born: 62 BC Died: 12 BC
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa
76 4th of four wives
Born: 15 Died: 59
Julia "the Younger" Agrippina
77 Security Death Index Social Security Death Index
Name: Bernard Aigner
SSN: 348-22-1046
Born: 17 Mar 1929
Died: Dec 1973
State (Year) SSN issued: Illinois (Before 1951)

Source Citation: Number: 348-22-1046;Issue State: Illinois;Issue Date: Before 1951.
Bernard Patrick Aigner
78 Sam Pagroia's Grand Nephew

Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002 Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002
Name: Brian Bernard Aigner
Birth Date: 30 Apr 1956
Death Date: 29 Jun 1980
Death County: Saint Louis
Mother's Maiden Name: Pagoria
State File Number: 027506
Certificate Number: 027506
Certificate Year: 1980
Record Number: 2017914

Source Information:

Ancestry.com. Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2001.
Original data: State of Minnesota. Minnesota Death Index, 1908-1002. Minneapolis, MN, USA: Minnesota Department of Health.
Brian Bernard Aigner
79 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Louis Frank Aigner
80 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Scott William Aigner
81 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Archibald Arnold Ainsworth
82 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Ellis Lydston Ainsworth
83 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Francis Marion Ainsworth
84 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Isabella Kent Ainsworth
85 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Loraine Morley Ainsworth
86 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 7th Cousin 1 x Removed Mae Ruth Ainsworth
87 Olive, the daughter of Alan fitz Jordan, was married twice. First, she married Robert de St. John, of St. Jean-le-Thomas. Secondly, she married Roger de Monbegon. The estate she inherited at Nottinghamshire included Tuxford and lands in Walesby, Kirton, West Markham and Warsop. They all had, at one time, been part of the fief of Roger de Busli, which had been granted to that family by Henry I. Olive fitz Alan
88 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 25th Great Grandfather

Pons (II) William[1] (991 - 1060) was the Count of Toulouse from 1037. He was the eldest son and successor of William III Taillefer and Emma of Provence. He thus inherited the title marchio Provincć. He is known to have owned many allods and he relied on Roman, Salic, and Gothic law.

Already in 1030, he possessed a lot of power in the Albigeois. In 1037, he gave many allodial churches and castles, including one half of that of Porta Spina, in the Albigeois, Nimois, and Provence as a bridal gift to his wife Majore.

In 1038, he split the purchase of the Diocese of Albi with the Trencavel family. In 1040, he donated property in Diens to Cluny. In 1047, he first appears as count palatine in a charter donating Moissac to Cluny.

Pons married first wife, Majore,[2] in 1022. She died in 1044. In 1045, he married, Almodis de La Marche, former wife of Hugh V of Lusignan, but he too repudiated her in 1053. His only child by Majore, Pons the Younger, did not inherit his county and march. His eldest sons by Almodis, William IV and Raymond IV, originally just count of Saint-Gilles, succeeded him in turn. His son Hugh became abbot of Saint-Gilles. He had one daughter, Almodis, who married the Count of Melgueil.

Pons died in Toulouse and was buried in Saint-Sernin, probably late in 1060 or early in 1061.


1.^ Raymond Pons was "Pons I." In Latin it is Pontius or Poncius and Ponce in Spanish.
2.^ Speculated to have been Mayor, daughter of Sancho III of Navarre.

Lewis, Archibald R. The Development of Southern French and Catalan Society, 718-1050. University of Texas Press: Austin, 1965.
Medieval Lands Project: Toulouse.

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Pons II Count of Toulouse & Albi
89 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 25th Great Grandfather Guigues I Albon
90 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 24th Great Grandfather Guigues II Albon
91 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 71st Great Grand Aunt

Alcyone in Greek mythology is the name of one of the Pleiades, daughters of Atlas and Pleione or, more rarely, Aethra.[1] She attracted the attention of the god Poseidon and bore him several children, variously named in the sources: Hyrieus, Lycus, Hyperenor, and Aethusa;[2] Hyperes and Anthas;[3] Glaucus;[4] and Epopeus.[5][6] There are various etymological interpretations of her name's origin.[7]


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Other sources
M. Grant and J. Hazel, Who's Who in Greek Mythology, David McKay and Co Inc, 1979

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92 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 8th Great Grandmother Elizabeth Alden
93 John Alden joined the Mayflower in England. At the time, he was about 21 years old. William Bradford writes that he "was hired for a cooper, at South-Hampton, where the ship victuled; and being a hopefull yong man, was much desired, but left to his owne liking to go or stay when he came here; but he stayed, and maryed here."

John Alden was a cooper, or barrel-maker, by trade.

John Alden married Priscilla Mullins, also of the Mayflower. The date of their marriage is not known. They were probably married by 1623 since Priscilla is not listed separately in the 1623 Division of Land. By the 1627 Division of Cattle, they were married and had two children, Elizabeth and John.

The legend of the rivalry between Miles Standish and John Alden for the hand of Priscilla Mullins was first published in Rev. Timothy Alden's 1814 Collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions. The story was popularized in the poem, The Courtship of Miles Standish, published by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1858. There is no documentation for the legend in the records of Plymouth Colony. For more information on "Love & Legend in Plymouth Colony," click HERE.

John and Priscilla Mullins Alden had 10 children : Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Sarah, Jonathan, Ruth, Rebecca, Mary, Priscilla, and David.

Alden became one of the Purchasers and Undertakers. He was an Assistant in the Colony government for many years and presided occasionally as deputy governor. He also served as colony treasurer and was a member of committees in charge of revising laws.

John Alden was one of the founders of Duxbury. He owned several pieces of property but seems to have deeded all his real estate to his children during his lifetime. John Alden died intestate (without a will), but we do have an inventory of the property he owned at his death (click HERE for John Alden's inventory).

Alicia Crane Williams has written a superb article on John and Priscilla Mullins Alden. "John and Priscilla, We Hardly Know Ye," America History Illustrated Vol. 23 No. 8 (December 1988), gives an excellent and readable overview of what is known about the Aldens. Ms. Williams has also done extensive work on the English background of John Alden and published "John Alden : Theories on English Ancestry" in The Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 39 No. 2, July 1989.

The Alden homesite in Duxbury contains the excavated foundations of the first Alden home (c1627) as well as the still-standing 1653 Alden House. The homesite was acquired in 1907 by the Alden Kindred of America (the Kindred is comprised of descendants of John and Priscilla Mullins Alden). There are two excellent books on the Alden homesite. Pilgrim John Alden's Progress : Archaeological Excavations in Duxbury by Roland Wells Robbins focuses on examining the remains of the no-longer-standing house of 1627. Dorothy Wentworth's The Alden Family in the Alden House concentrates on the 1653 Alden House and its residents.

Check our LINKS page for the Alden House Website!

How do we know about John Alden? From the written records of the 17th century.
For a look at all the 17th century records that pertain to John Alden, click HERE.


John Alden


BORN: c1598-1599, England (possibly Harwich, Essex, England)
DIED: 12 September 1687, Duxbury, Massachusetts
MARRIED: Priscilla Mullins, c1623, Plymouth, daughter of William and Alice (---) Mullins


Elizabeth cir 1623-1625, Plymouth 31 May 1717, Little Compton, RI William Pabodie, 26 December 1644, Duxbury
John cir 1626, Plymouth 14 March 1701/2, Boston Elizabeth (Phillips) Everill, 1 April 1660, Boston
Joseph aft. 22 May 1627 8 February 1696/7, Bridgewater Mary Simmons
Sarah aft 22 May 1627 bef 13 June 1688 Alexander Standish
Jonathan cir 1632 14 February 1696/7, Duxbury Abigail Hallett, 10 December 1672, Duxbury
Ruth unknown 12 October 1674, Braintree John Bass, 12 May 1657, Braintree
Rebecca bef 1649 aft 13 June 1688 Thomas Delano, bef 30 October 1667
Mary unknown aft 13 June 1688 unmarried
Priscilla unknown aft 13 June 1688 unmarried
David cir 1646 between 5 June 1718 and 1 April 1719 Mary Southworth


Ancestral Summary:
Extensive research has been done into the ancestry of John Alden, but nothing has conclusively been found. There are two major theories that have been presented over the years:

Charles Edward Banks, in his book The English Ancestry and Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers, 1929, puts forward a theory that John is the son of George Alden and Jane (---) and grandson of Richard and Avys Alden of Southampton, England. Since Bradford says John Alden was hired in Southampton, this would be a logical place to start looking for Aldens. No other supporting evidence has been found, and it has been noted by many researchers that the names George, Richard, and Avys do not occur anywhere in John Alden's family. Naming children after parents and grandparents was an extremely common practice in the seventeenth century, and the absence of such a name is nearly enough evidence to disprove this theory.

The currently popular theory is that John Alden came from Harwich, Essex, England. There was a sea-faring Alden family living there, who were related by marriage to Christopher Jones, captain of the Mayflower. It has been suggested John Alden may be the son of John Alden and Elizabeth Daye, but this is not fully proven either.

Two commemorative broadsides (elegy poems) survive from John Alden's 1687 death. The first broadside is by an unknown author, and the second broadside was written by John Cotton.


Biographical Summary:
William Bradford wrote, in his history Of Plymouth Plantation: "John Alden was hired for a cooper [barrel maker] at Southampton where the ship [Mayflower] victualed, and being a hopeful young man was much desired but left to his own liking to go or stay when he came here; but he stayed and married here." and later wrote "John Alden married Priscilla, Mr. Mullin's daughter, and had issue by her as is before related."

John Alden was an assistant for the Plymouth colony for many years, and was deputy governor for two years. His marriage to Priscilla Mullins was the subject of the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem, "The Courtship of Myles Standish", which although a classic has little factual basis. John and Priscilla were among the founders of the town of Duxbury.

In 1634, John Alden was on the Kennebec River assisting in the forceful removal of John Hocking who was illegally fishing and trading on land that had been granted to the Pilgrims. Hockings refused to leave, and when the party arrived at his ship by canoe to board and remove him, he shot and killed Moses Talbot. In return, Hockings was shot and killed. The Massachusetts Bay Colony took matters into its own hands, and arrested John Alden (even though he was not the one who fired the shot). Myles Standish was sent by Governor Bradford to obtain Alden's release, which he successfully did.

In his later years, John Alden was on many juries, including even a witch trial--though in Plymouth's case, the jury found the accuser guilty of libel and the alleged witch was allowed to go free. Plymouth Colony only had two witch trials during its history, and in both cases the accuser was found guilty and punished.

John and Priscilla Alden probably have the largest number of descendants of any Mayflower passenger, but with stiff competition from Richard Warren and John Howland. They are ancestors to Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams, poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Vice President Dan Quayle.


John Alden's House built in 1653 still stands, and tours are given by the Alden Kindred of America. For more information, click on the picture of the house and you will go to the Alden Kindred web page.


Zachariah Alden and Henry Alden have both been incorrectly identified as sons of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins in various publications. For information on the genealogy of Henry Alden, see Mayflower Descendant 43:21-29,133-138; 44:27-30,181-184.


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Alicia Crane Williams, Families of Pilgrims: John Alden and William Mullins (Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1986).

Robert C. Anderson, The Great Migration Begins, 1:21-26 (Boston: New England Historical and Genealogical Society, 1995).

William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation, ed. Samuel Morison (New York: Random House, 1952).

Eugene Aubrey Stratton, Plymouth Colony: Its History and Its People, 1620-1691 (Ancestor Publishers: Salt Lake City, 1986).

Harry Hollingsworth, "John Alden--Beer Brewer of Windsor?", The American Genealogist 53(1977):235-240.

John Alden & Priscilla Mullins
1599? to 1687 , Masachusetts

John Alden (1599?-September 22, 1687) was a tradesman who emigrated to America in 1620 with the Pilgrims on the Mayflower and was among the founders of the Plymouth Colony. He was originally hired by William Bradford and others to be their cooper. Though he could have returned to England the following year, he chose to stay in the new colony. About 1623 he married Priscilla Mullins, with whom he had many children. He was one of the first settlers of Duxburrough or Duxborough, known today as Duxbury, Massachusetts, where he lived for most of his life. From 1633 until 1675 he was assistant to the governor of the colony, frequently serving as acting governor and also sat on many juries, including one of the two witch trials in the Plymouth Colony.

There are several theories regarding Alden's ancestry. According to William Bradford's Of Plimoth Plantation, he was hired as a cooper in Southampton, England just before the voyage to America. In The English Ancestry and Homes of the Pilgrim Fathers, Charles Edward Banks suggested that John was the son of George and Jane Alden and grandson of Richard and Avys Alden of Southampton. However, there are no further occurrences of the names George, Richard, and Avys in his family which would have been unusual in the seventeenth century.

Another theory is that John Alden came from Harwich, England where there are records of an Alden family who were related by marriage to Christopher Jones, the Mayflower's captain. In this case, he may have been the son of John Alden and Elizabeth Daye.

In 1634 Alden was jailed in Boston for a fight at Kenebeck in Maine between members of the Plymouth Colony and the Massachusetts Bay Colony. While Alden did not take part in the fight (which left one person dead) he was the highest ranking member the Massachusetts Bay colonists could get their hands on, and it was only through the intervention of Bradford that he was eventually released.

In later years Alden became known for his intense dislike of the Quakers and Baptists, who were trying to settle on Cape Cod. A letter survives complaining that Alden was too strict when it came to dealing with them.

At the time of his death, at Duxbury on September 12, 1687, he was the last male survivor of the signers of the Mayflower Compact of 1620, and with the exception of Mary Allerton, he was the last survivor of the Mayflower's company.

He is remembered chiefly because of a popular legend, put into verse in 1858 as The Courtship of Miles Standish by his descendant Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, concerning his courtship of Priscilla Mullins, whom he married in 1623 after having wooed her first on behalf of his friend, Miles Standish. There is no known historic basis to the legend.

Alden's house in Duxbury, built in 1653, is open to the public as a museum. It is run by the Alden Kindred of America, an organization which provides historical information about him and his home, including genealogical records of his descendants.

Alden and his wife Priscilla lie buried in the Miles Standish Burial Ground in Duxbury.

John and Priscilla had the following children who survived to adulthood: Elizabeth, John (accused during the Salem witch trials), Joseph, Priscilla, Jonathan, Sarah, Ruth, Mary, Rebecca, and David. They have the most descendants today of all the pilgrim families.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was a descendant of John Alden, as were John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Orson Welles, Dan Quayle, Raquel Welch, Frank Nelson Doubleday, Samuel Eliot Morison, Gamaliel Bradford, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Herbert Henry Dow, Martha Graham, Adlai Stevenson III, Jan Garrigue Masaryk, Dick Van Dyke, Julia Child, William Cullen Bryant, John Trumbull, Ned Lamont, Matt Hasselbeck, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, The Baldwin Brothers and Marilyn Monroe.[1]
John Alden
94 Officiating at the marriage ceremony was John Alden the ? of Ruth Alden Ruth Alden
95 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 4th Great Grandmother
Penelope Aldrich
96 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 28th Great Grandfather Aldun
97 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 36th Great Grand Uncle Norr Thorrasson King in Alfheim
98 Name: Reba Alford
SSN: 417-16-1342
Last Residence: 35204 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama, United States of America
Born: 11 Oct 1902
Last Benefit: 32459 Santa Rosa Beach, Walton, Florida, United States of America
Died: Nov 1976
State (Year) SSN issued: Alabama (Before 1951)

Source Citation: Number: 417-16-1342;Issue State: Alabama;Issue Date: Before 1951.

Source Information:

Ancestry.com. Social Security Death Index [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2010.
Original data: Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index, Master File. Social Security Administration.
Pearl Reba Alford
99 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 36th Great Grandmother Gauthild (Gyrithe) Alfsdatter
100 Audrey Maxine Ellis' 31st Great Grandfather
Gerold I Duke of Allemania

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