Ellis-Pagoria Family History
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This family history site is dedicated to the memory of Audrey Maxine Ellis (1908-1990) and Samuel (Salvatore) Pagoria (1903-1960) and to all their ancestors and descendants.

A Brief History of the Ellis-Pagoria Family Tree

I started work on the Jarke Family Tree almost as soon as computer software became available. My work on the tree stalled when additional information became unavailable, so I put it away vowing to follow-up if and when I retired.

In January of 2005, I married Judy Rohlf. In March of that year we were sitting in our office area when I said "I guess now that we are married, I should add you and your family to my family tree. She agreed. I began asking her about the details of her life and about various members of her immediate family. After about an hour of constant interruptions, she said "I really want to help you, but I need to concentrate on what I am doing. Here is a binder containing what I know of our family. This should get you started."

When I opened the binder I almost fell off my chair. "Aunt Mae" (Lillian Mae Bell (1882-?) had put together a family tree that traced both sides of the Ellis and Bell (Beale) back to the early 1600's. The work was done on a typewriter and all of the research had been done from sources at the Mormon church and from the local library prior to the advent of computers. Also included was the early work of Mike Pagoria on the Pagoria side of the family. His work is included here for completeness but I encourage you to also visit his web site. I began entering the data and have not stopped until the creation of this website, 35,080 hand entries later. Extending Aunt Mae's work was easy using the benefits of a computer and the internet. My main resources were the data base of the Mormon Church and more recently I filled in another few thousand names with the help of Jamie Allen's fabpedigree website. Both are referenced below right.

So it seems that the Jarke family tree actually became a subset of the Ellis-Pagoria family tree.


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Atilla "the Hun"



John Alden

Mary Mother of Jesus


Joseph of Arimathea



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